Monday, 9 November 2015

Liar and Spy

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In this story a family has to move out their home when the father loses his job. The family moves into an apartment building in the same neighbourhood.

Almost as soon as they move in, Georges, the main character, is invited to a spy meeting via a note posted in the laundry room. He is intrigued and writes back saying he will come. The first meeting happens and Georges meets a boy named Safer, the only other member of the spy club.

The boys continue their club with Safer making up a mystery for himself and George to solve. There are some unexpected turns at the end of this book that make it interesting and I had fun reading this book with both my boys who are in Grade 2 and 5.

This was my second Rebecca Stead book and I definitely  liked iit more than When You Reach Me, which was a Newbery winner. I would recommend this book for Grade 4-5.

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