Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

By: L. Pichon

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Tom Gates loves to make his sister Delia miserable, hang out with his friend and bandmate Derek, listen to Dude3 and try to get the attention of Amy Porter whenever he can. Of course, along the way he runs into all kinds of funny situations and sometimes might get into a *bit* of trouble.

I really enjoyed this book, which won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, and plan to read the second one too. If you like Diary of  a Wimpy Kid you are really going to enjoy this series as well. The format is very similar and the drawings are funny. I would definitely recommend this book to kids in Grade 3-5 who like funny stories like And Then it Happened or Wimpy Kid.

This book was written by a British author so there are some words and phrases that might be unfamiliar to Canadian readers. Not to fear! There is a glossary starting on page 242 that explains many of the words I thought might not be familiar.

Check out this book today and when you are done reading it be sure to let me know how you think it stacks up to other funny books that we have in our library!

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  1. My son, who is going into Grade 5, has read three of these books already and has a couple more on hold at the library. He has also been really inspired by the artwork in the books and has been doing a lot of drawing since he started reading them. Fun!