Monday, 29 June 2015

An Abundance of Katherines

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By: John Green

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One of my summer reading goals was to get a few more John Green books finished. I read and liked The Fault in our Stars and wanted to see what else this acclaimed author has to offer.

I think An Abundance of Katherines has many clever aspects to it. The main character, Colin, is obsessed with dating people named Katherine and making his life matter, although he is unsure of how to do that exactly. I enjoyed his character and that of his two friends Hassan and Lindsey as well. I liked that the main characters were flawed and uncertain and unique and found that made them relatable. I liked that Lindsay's mom worked so hard and was so dedicated to the people of the town. I also liked how the story ended, which I won't say anything more about in case you are planning to read the book. :)

I will say a few things held me back from loving this book. At times all the footnotes were kind of annoying. Luckily, I was reading an e-version of the book so I could flip back and forth easily but I imagine this would be annoying in the paper edition. I also found some of the language off-putting, although I found the explanation at the end interesting.

Parent Points:  This book contains profanity and some sexual content.

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