Monday, 29 June 2015

Bok! Bok! Boom!

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By: Cyndi Marko

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The first Kung Pow Chicken book Let's Get Cracking! was on Silver Birch Express and I read it to the Grade 3 & 4 classes. Before long kids in Grade 1 & 2 were begging me to read this book too because they heard about it from older siblings! Way to go Cyndi Marko!

Needless to say, I am excited to read all the rest of the Kung Pow Chicken books this summer and so is my son who is going into Grade 2. We read this one together in a single sitting. My son Trevor says, "It was good but it wasn't my favourite. There wasn't as much action in it." My other son says, "The first one had more, like, not sitting around."

We all agreed the first one was better than the second. We will read the third and fourth too and hopefully we find one we like just as much as the first!

Parent Point: These are GREAT books for kids in Grades K-3. My son who just completed Grade 4 also listens in when we read these but doesn't love them the way my younger son does. They are funny and are half graphic novel/half chapter book. They are quick reads, great read alouds, and kids seem to love these books. I would definitely recommend checking out these great books!! As an extra bonus, the author is Canadian!

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  1. We finished Heroes on the Side and it was more action-packed and exciting. Looking forward to reading the last one, The Birdy Snatchers.