Sunday, 28 June 2015

Getting Started

One of the last activities I did with a bunch of my classes was having them set reading goals for the summer. I set out a number of books for inspiration and showed them how to use Novelist and Overdrive to get more reading ideas. The kids were then to write down 2-3 that they would like to read over the summer.

Many of the books on the tables were personal favourites and with one class it led to a discussion on the books that I read and my own reading goals. I told the class I would set a goal to read 16 children's books over the summer. Recently that led me to the decision to also blog about the books so that I have a running record of the books that I read and my thoughts about them. 

So, here's to summer reading, great memories, and getting my 16 books (and blog posts!) finished in the next two months. :)

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