Monday, 3 August 2015

The Eye of Minds

By James Dashner

The Eye of Minds
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"The world is virtual.
The danger is real."

Well, this book was fun! It kept me guessing the whole way through and I was blind-sided by the ending!
If you like gaming or plot-driven novels, you will like this book. If you liked any of the Divergent, Hunger Games, etc. type series you will like this series as well. Eye of Minds is the first half of The Mortality Doctrine Series so I will be reading the second one sometime this year as well.

And, just in case you didn't make the connection, James Dashner is the author of The Maze Runner series so if you liked those books, this will probably be something to check out as well.

Parent Point: There is some violent and dark parts in this book that are similar in intensity to some of the series mentioned above.

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